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Married Happily Ever After

"Right." said his wife, but with her left-right weakness, that could be any direction. Horatio just went in the direction that seemed likely, and Rosalinde didn't dare contradict him. "There's nothing here." he said after they had now walked another 5 minutes. "Maybe we should have turned left earlier. Sorry." said Rosalinde a little quieter. "That's left." replied Horatio. Strangely, that made her a little proud and she smiled. For a moment she didn't feel the strain.

Why did both cell phones have to go out. Hers was dead and his had no reception. So no navigator, no maps. He felt a little lost, but didn't let it show. "Should we go back?" she asked cautiously. She knew how stubborn her husband could be. "Actually, it should be around here somewhere!" So there he was, his stubbornness could just be counted on.

Cancún was not a big city. Everything was actually within walking distance, and they had only wanted to take a stroll. But around the Parque de las Papalas, they must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Anyway, now they were standing on a dusty road that seemed to lead to nowhere, and there was nothing to be seen of their hotel for miles.

"Here, have some water for your head." Rosalinde moistened a cloth with the last of the water from her plastic bottle. Even though it was already 5 p.m., the sun was still burning relentlessly. She was about to hand it to him so he could cover his rather bald head with it a bit and cool it down, when his angry look stopped her just in time.

"Did you waste the last of the water now so I could wipe off my sweat?" he asked, undoubtedly reproachful, as if they were now doomed to die in the desert. After a short delay, she retrieved another unopened plastic bottle from her shoulder bag. "You can have a drink, too." - He wordlessly snatched the moistened cloth from her hand and placed it on his head to cool. But he was embarrassingly concerned about not looking grateful in any way.

Where could they be? According to his calculations, by now they should have long since returned to the hotel from behind. Well, calculations. It was at best gut feelings. But his wife couldn't even tell left from right, he reassured himself. "Actually, we should be about behind the hotel now," he remarked quietly. "Maybe there is the road and our hotel behind the hilltop again". - She looked for quite a while in the direction he pointed. Then she said quietly. "But the sun!" -

"Oh, come on!" he brushed aside her interjection. "It's warm, yes! But we can't wait here for the rest of the day until it gets cooler because of the sun! So let's go." - "No, I mean the sun. - If we were somewhere behind the hotel, the sun would have to come from behind, right?!"

For a moment he didn't understand what she was trying to tell him, but then it dawned on him that she was right. The hotel could not be in that direction. Still, he didn't give up. "Yes, God again, we'll just come a little sideways." He stood up and trudged defiantly toward the knoll, which made a gentle curve to the right at the top. He led the way first, his wife 5 paces behind, which is why he was the first to see it when they reached the crest: the ocean!

They were definitely and irrevocably wrong here! Panic rose in him. His wife joined him. "Isn't the view beautiful?" he tried to cloud the issue. "Yes! Beautiful!" she said with a smile.

He turned to her and tried to interpret her expression. Rosa was still a beautiful woman. The best. He often wondered why a woman like Rosa had chosen a man like him for heaven's sake and even seemed happy with it. She had a very symmetrical face, which radiated calm and serenity but also warmth of heart. And her auburn hair shone in the sun like a halo. And 3cm above the halo he saw them. The idiosyncratic towers of the Parroquia de Cristo Resucitado Church con Cancún. It might be a good 3km from here to there. But he now knew the direction. Her hotel was in the absolute vicinity of the church.

He kissed her lightly on the forehead. "Come on, let's go, it's time. We'll have to change later. I'm taking you out today!" Rosa looked into her husband's eyes, and you could literally see her affection. She kissed him tenderly on the mouth and said. "Which way?"

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